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Week 1 – Discipleship

Leader Outline Week  – 1

Making Disciples Out of the Stuff of Everyday Life – Jeff Vanderstelt

Quotes From “Follow Me” – David Platt

Discipling or Disinfecting –  “Radical” – David Platt

Receivers or Reproducers – “Radical” – David Platt

Imitation of Christ, The Complete Book of Discipleship – Bill Hull

“Imitate Me”The Complete Book of Discipleship – Bill Hull

Not a Program, The Complete Book of Discipleship – Bill Hull

Self-Denial, The Complete Book of Discipleship – Bill Hull

Luke 14:25-33 – John Piper

Making Disciples Makes Me – Ray Hollenbach

Week 2 – Discipleship –

Leader Outline – Week 2

Week 3 – The Mystery and Mandate of Prayer

Leader Outline – Week 3

The Importance of Theologically Correct Prayer – The Village Church

Why Prayer Changes Things – Melvin Tinker

Why Pray – R.C. Sproul

Praying the Word – John Piper

The Sovereignty of God and Prayer – John Piper

If God Is Sovereign, Why Should We Pray – C.S. Lewis

A Sovereign and Personal God – D.A. Carson

How Does God Speak To Me Today? – Tim Challies

Providence and Prayer – R.C. Sproul

8 Lessons From the School of Prayer – D.A. Carson

Why Pray if God Has Already Decided Everything? – The Gospel Coalition

Week 4 – The Pattern of Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer

Leader Outline – Week 4

Basis of Prayer: Our Father – Tim Keller, Podcast #15 (5.31.13)

Adoration: Hallowed Be Thy Name – Tim Keller, Podcast #1 (2.18.15)

The Prayer of Prayers – Tim Keller, Prayer

Week 5 – The Pattern of Prayer A.C.T.S

Leader Outline – Week 5

Prepared Prayers, Impromptu Prayers, Sloppy Prayers – John Piper

How Prayer Glorifies God – John Piper

Why We Need Confession of Sin – Kevin DeYoung

How Can We Give Thanks In All Circumstances? – Desiring God

Persistence in Prayer – Christ Centered Exposition, I & II Thessalonians

Prayer: Christians Practice Fellowship With God – J.I. Packer

Week 6 – The Reconciling work of Christ

Leader Outline – Week 6

What is the Love of God – John  Piper

What is the difference between original sin and imputed sin? – Desiring God

Four problems with downplaying God’s wrath – The Gospel Coalition

Five truths about the wrath of God – Desiring God

What do Expiation and Propitiation mean? – R.C. Sproul

Sin and God’s Wrath – David Platt

Federal Headship – How is it that all humanity is born into sin because of Adam’s fall? – R.C. Sproul

Are All Sins Equal Before God – John Piper

Week 7 – God’s Gift in Christ

Leader Outline – Week 7

The whole world hangs on one word – John Piper

Ephesians 2:8-10 – Exposition Commentary

Is Faith a Gift of God or a response? – John MacArthur/R.C. Sproul

God’s Gift of Faith – R.C. Sproul

Justification by Faith Alone – R.C. Sproul

How Does an Unbeliever Believe? (Regeneration / Faith) – The Village Church

Good works and the Christian Life – Ligonier Ministries

Are you a Follower of Jesus? – 2 ways to live –  Matthias Media

Week 8 – Salvation Doctrine

Leader Outline – Week 8

Romans 9: God’s Sovereign Choice

Foreknown, Predestined, Conformed to Christ – John Piper

Foreknowledge – Ligonier Ministries

Called According to His Purpose – John Piper

Predestination: Objections and Questions – Tim Keller

Can A Christian Lose Salvation – The Village Church

Unconditional Election – The Village Church

What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism – John Piper

How Do I Explain Election Over Lunch – John Piper

Double Predestination – R.C. Sproul

What is Free Will? – R.C. Sproul

Justification – J.I. Packer

What Is So Important About Christian Hope? – John Piper

Thoughts on Free Will – John Piper

Justified by Faith, Podcast #21 (1.21.2013) – Tim Keller

Why Do You Believe That Infants Who Die Go to Heaven? – John Piper

Do Babies Go to Heaven? – Andrew Wilson

The Return of Christ – David Platt

Week 9 – Transformational Grace

Leader Outline – Week 9

Obedience is not a curse word! – John Piper

Working out what is worked in – C.H. Spurgeon

Are you Struggling with Sin? – Russell Moore

The Struggle with Sin – RC Sproul

Titus 2:11-14 – Matthew Henry

The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control – John Piper

Why Must We Work Out Our Salvation – Desiring God

What is Sanctification? – Ligonier Ministries

Make Every Effort – Kevin DeYoung

Week 10 – God’s Glorious Word

Leader Outline – Week 10

How Are General and Special Revelation Different – John Piper

Is All Scripture Inspired by God? – John MacArthur

Illumination: The Holy Spirit Gives Spiritual Understanding – J.I. Packer

What is Scripture? – The Village Church

How Does God Guide? – Kevin DeYoung

Why Did God Give Us the Bible? – Francis Chan

Debunking Silly Statements About the Bible – Greg Gilbert

II Timothy 3:16-17 Commentary – Christ Centered Exposition

Why You Can Rely on the Canon – Michael Kruger and Mark Mellinger

10 Basic Facts About the New Testament Canon – Michael Kruger

What Does Inerrant Mean? – Tim Challies

Reasons Why the Apocrypha Does Not Belong in the Bible – Ryan Turner

Week 11 – The Singular Thread of Scripture

Leader Outline – Week 11

Revelation 5 – West Brazelton, 12 Words – Sermon (Start at minute 16:30)

How Christ Fulfilled and Ended the Old Testament Regime – John Piper

Why Are Old Testament Commands No Longer Binding – John Piper

Christian Responsibility and Mosaic Law – The Village Church

God is Unchangeable – Wayne Grudem

From Blueprint to Building in Your Bible – Scott Redd

The Bible is Not About You – Tim Keller

The sin crushing King and our Destined-to-die conqueror – Kevin DeYoung

Week 12 – Studying God’s Word

Leader Outline – Week 12

Making Sense of the Clarity of Scripture – Andrew Wilson

Look at the Book – Desiring God

Studying the Bible Logically – Francis Chan

Tools for Studying the Bible – The Village Church

e-sword – Bible Study Tools – Free – Great tool

OliveTree – Bible Study Online – $ – Advanced Tool

Logos  – Bible Study Software and Online – $$$ – Deepest Available

A command or an Expectation – The Village Church

Nine Ways to Misinterpret Scripture – The Village Church

Why Memorize Scripture – John Piper

Week 13 – How to read the Bible Daily

Leader Outline – Week 13

Week 14 – Reading the Old Testament

Leader Outline – Week 14

Genesis 2

Genesis 2:4-52

Psalm 23

Proverbs 3:1-12

Isaiah 6

Interpreting the Bible – Tim Keller

Week 15 – Reading the New Testament

Leader Outline – Week 15

Luke 14:25-43

Philippians 2

 James 4:1-12

Revelation 22:1-5

Week 16 – Christian Fellowship

Leader Outline – Week 16

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? – Christianity Today

The Church’s Role in Discipleship – David Platt

Worship Is More Important Than Your Small Group – The Gospel Coalition

Living As the Church – Francis Chan, Multiply

Every Member Doing Its Part – Francis Chan, Multiply

Committing Your Life to the Church – Francis Chan, Multiply

A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership – Mark Dever

Intentional Biblical Relationships within the Church – Scott Richerson

Week 17 – Stonewater Fellowship: Why we do what we do.

Leaders Outline – Week 17

Believer’s Baptism – Bill Wilder

Should Christians Tithe? – The Village Church

The OT Lord’s Supper, The NT Passover – Desiring God

Can I Take the Lord’s Supper If I Had a Bad Week Spiritually – John Piper

Why Do We Preach and Sing? – John Piper

Three Criteria for a Good Worship Service – The Austin Stone

Week 18 – The Foundation of Fellowship

Leaders Outline – Week 18

What is the Gospel? – The Village Church

Fact Checker: Misquoting Francis of Assissi – The Gospel Coalition

How to Share Your Faith at Work – The Gospel Coalition

Are Christians in America Persecuted? – Kevin DeYoung

What Does it Mean for Our Speech to be “Seasoned with Salt”? – John MacArthur

Week 19 – Sharing your Faith: Two Ways to Live (1-3)

Leader Outline – Week 19

Is There Only One Way to God? – Tim Keller

Do All Religions Lead to God? – Ravi Zacharias Ministries

How Is Jesus Unique? – Ravi Zacharias

Is God Responsible for Evil? – John MacArthur

The Gospel and the Problem of Evil – David Platt

The Problem of Evil – RC Sproul

Where Did Evil Come from? – RC Sproul

The Wrath of God – DA Carson

The Doctrine of Hell – John MacArthur Ministries

A Loving God and Hell – John MacArthur Ministries

The Story of His Glory – Steven Hawthorne

Week 20 – Sharing your Faith: Two Ways to Live (4-6)

Leader Outline – Week 20

Reconciling God’s Love and Wrath – The Gospel Coalition

The Doctrine of The Resurrection – The Gospel Coalition

Paul’s Definition of a Christian – John Hendryx

Is The Church Full of Hypocrites? – RC Sproul

Why Do Christians Still Sin? – Tim Challies

Weeks 21-24 Spiritual Gifts

Leader Outline – Weeks 21-24

Discerning and Exercising Spiritual Gifts – Tim Keller

Spiritual Gifts Google Form Instructions

End of Year Report Instructions